Small Vehicle Detail

2 or 4 Door Sedan

Medium Vechile Detail

Mini SUV, 2Door Truck

Large Vechile Detail

Vans, SUVS, 4 Dr. Trucks

HERO DISCOUNT- For Active Military, Police, Fire, EMT, Teacher, and Clergy Discount (Must Show ID/Proof of Vocation)10%
Lifted TruckAdd $25
Dealer/ Promotor Discount

15% off for 3 or More Vehicles in a single service call.

If you recruit friends, co-workers, family to service their vehicles SAME DAY, SAME PLACE you get the DEALER DISCOUNT for your vehicle

RV Detailing

Exterior Wash and Sealant Wax $11 per foot
Add Gloss Enhancement Polish Add $10 per foot
RV Driver Cab Detail

Exterior Add-ons:Exterior Add-ons

**BEST SELLER** Polish Level 1- Clay Bar & Gloss Enhance Remove embedded contamination, polish out minor swirls & restore glossAdd $99Add $129Add $149
Polish Level 2- Clay Bar & Medium Correction- Upgrades gloss and overall appearance with machine polish.
Add $169

Add $189

Add $209
Polish Level 3- Clay Bar & Heavy Correction-Corrects heavy swirling, scuffs, and scratches and improves gloss with a multi-step machine correct & finish polish.
From $229

From $249

From $269


 SmallMediumLargeMotor Cycle
10 Year$999$1099$1299$699
5- 8 Year Protective Coating$899 $999$1099$599*
3-5 Year$699$849$999$499*
2 Year Protective Coating




RVs- RV Exterior Detail

$12 Per Linear Foot. (Add $99 for interior Driver/Passenger Compartment Detail)

  • Washing & Protecting the Roof and Exterior with 6 Month Sealant or Wax
  • Tires & Rims Cleaned & Dressed
  • Add $99 for Interior Detail for the Driving Compartment. (Vacuum & Shampoo Carpet and Upholstery. Wipe Down & Protect Console Dash and Panels. Windshield cleaning.
  • Does NOT include cabin cleaning.

RV Polishing

  • Level 1- One Step Correct/Finish to remove Light Oxidation, and Light Surface Swirls, Scuffs and Scratches.
  • Add $15 Per Linear Foot
  • Level 2- Two Step Correct/ Finish- Required to remove heavier Oxidation and Surface imperfections.
  • Add $20 Per Linear Foot
  • RV Ceramic Coating- $80 Per Linear Foot