Motorcycle ATV Detail

Basic Wash and Wax/ProtectPaint and Chrome Correct/PolishExtended Life Paint
Protection/Ceramic Coating
$75Add $100
($170 total)


Prices below reflect the price of the protective coating. A full exterior detail is required as standard preparation. Additionally, we highly recommend at least a one-step paint correction to maximize the appearance of your vehicle prior to applying a semi-permanent protection.

We use only the finest, industry proven protective coatings that are most suitable for your vehicle, including SIO2 Ceramic-based, Graphene-based, and other modern Polymer coatings.

Coating application includes all exterior surfaces, including wheel rims, windshields and door glass, head lights, trim, chrome, and paint. Door jams included for cars. Seats and dash panel included for Motorcycles.


Pricing Motorcycle
10 year Protective Coating Cycle $699
5-8 Year Protective Coating  $599
2 Year Protective Coating $399


1 Year Protective Coating $159

STANDARD COATING (Included with all Exterior Details) is 6-month Protective Coating.

* Motorcycle attachments, such as saddle bags, tour packs, etc. are an additional $25 per attachment. Side cars are an additional $150.

Small Vehicle Detail

Small Vehicle Detail

2 or 4 Door Sedan

Medium Vechile Detail

Medium Vechile Detail

Mini SUV, 2Door Truck

Large Vechile Detail

Large Vechile Detail

Vans, SUVS, 4 Dr. Trucks